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Training Session - 10/26/2023 - GMass with Katy Beisheim

GMass basic tutorial:

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Premiere Pro Team Projects and Remote Video Editing Workflows - Wednesdays in the Workshop

Oct. 28, 2020 Premiere Pro Team Projects and Remote Video Editing Workflows (in collaboration with VCU da Vinci Center) Description: Gain a deeper and more advanced understanding of the creative…

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Video Captioning (Zoom, Kaltura and YouTube)

Wednesdays in the Workshop Sept. 23, 2020 Video Captioning (Zoom, Kaltura and YouTube) Oscar Keyes, The Workshop (in collaboration with Student Accessibility and Education Opportunity) Description:…

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201112 - M1 - 9am - I&I - Autoimmunity - Ward

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Dr. Brown from Hope Pharmacy

How to help stop the spread of COVID-19: wash hands often with soap and water use hand sanitizer limit contact with public surfaces use tissue/sleeve when touching something keep homes clean &…

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photoshop_01_linking PDF file for rendering

tutorial for linking PDF files for rendering in photoshop

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Part 1 - sketchup export for revit

first half of creating a family from a sketchup model.

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CCTR 703 | 2019-04-15

Builds upon the quantitative statistical methods from CCTR 702. Students will learn the mathematical components that underlie statistical analysis with a focus on maximum-likelihood methods and…

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