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First-time Comic Creator Workshop

Zoom Recording ID: 89864597789 UUID: O4bFHX1+QDqpom1QZqt+ZQ== Meeting Time: 2022-11-01 09:52:33pm

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2209- M2 - 8am - PULM - Chest Radiology - de Wit (recording from 2020)

Please note - This recording is from 8/27/20. The original recording for 9/14/21 was defective. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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210914 - M2 - 8am - PULM - Chest Radiology - De wit

Please note: This recording's audio comes in at 1:00:57 (9am). There is no audio before that. This lecture from 2020 has also been posted. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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WRLD 210 Lecture #1 Themes and topics for International Social Justice

This is an introductory lecture to the course "International Social Justice", covering themes and topics. It is the first part of the introduction. The second part of the introduction…

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Embed a video in a T4 plugin

This is a method for embedding a video in your T4 webpages when the responsive embed plugin cannot be used (e.g., in a news article, faculty page, etc.). Companion written directions are available…

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Latinos in the USA

Talk on the Growing presence of Latinos in the US and the politics of the past decade

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Immigration After 9/11

Foe HIST 391 Class

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WRLD 210 Lecture #2 Borders Brown Walzer

This covers the readings by Wendy Brown and Michael Walzer on borders and border walls. There are several links that go along with this lecture. Here are the links: "Sir MapsALot"…

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