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Janki Patel Multimodal Project

Janki created this project in Professor Leslie Cohen-Gee's UNIV112 course during Spring 2022. This project was selected for its powerful storytelling and depth of reflection, and strong…

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220114 - PHAR 621 Pharmacoeconomics

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210811-M2-10AM-CARD-Vascular Function Curve-Pittman

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Kaltura Capture recording - July 25th 2021, 10:16:47 am

Health Policy Brief

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Palliative ECHO: Getting through to resistant providers (Oct. 2019)

Palliative ECHO: Getting through to physicians resistant to consulting palliative care | Oct. 10, 2019 Presented byEmily Rivet, MD, MBA, FACS, FASCRS Objectives:Assess gaps in consult volumes from…

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May 2021 Fiscal Administrators Zoom Meeting

Zoom Recording ID: 92526273844 UUID: rZ6eHp+dTaWO2iuZ8i1GKg== Meeting Time: 2021-05-12T12:30:29Z

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Getting Stuck - 3.16.2021

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Overview of Masters in Adult Learning Program - Robin Hurst - 3.17.2021

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Keynote Speaker - Faith Wilkerson - 3.22.2021

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201214-M1-8am-FD-Small Groups: Environmental Pathology-Wilkinson, Sanford

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201204 - M1 - 8am - FOD - Cell Injury/Cell Death/Adaptation - Clevenger

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Immunity to Change (ITC) - Testimonial

Brittany Motley, Ph.D. shares her personal experience using the ITC process and insight on we get in our own way, on October 3, 2020.

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201002-M2-10am-RENL-Clinical Acid-Base Disorders-DiGiovanni

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200921-M2-10am-RENL-Renal Body Fluids 2-Costanzo

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200921-M2-9am-RENL-Renal Body Fluids 1-Costanzo

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Changing the Course Name

How to change the name of your course in your Blackboard menu, for example adding the term and year to the name

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