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Board of Visitors Academic and Health Affairs Committee

Board of Visitors Academic and Health Affairs Committee from September 14th, 2023

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Recruiting and Retaining

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Creating a Supportive Environment

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The Antimicrobial Stewardship Program Elements

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Building your Champions

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Introduction to Champion of Infection Prevention (CHIP) Program

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Winn CDA Cohort 2 Scholar Forum #15 (6/28/23)

The Robert A. Winn Diversity in Clinical Trials Award ProgramWinn Career Development Award (Winn CDA)Cohort 2Scholar Forum #15Date: 6/28/23Topic: Mentorship and the Clinician-Investigator Career…

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Grant Writing for Community - Engaged Research – Dr. Andrew Plunk

This Grant Writing Series took place February 22, 2023. Dr. Andrew Plunk, Associate Professor in Pediatrics, Community Health, and Research at Eastern Virginia Medical School. Dr. Plunk explained how…

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VIPTC-Introduction To The CHIP Program

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VIPTC-Deploying The CHIP Program In Your Institution

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Winn CIPP Info Webinar - 12.6.22

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Deploying the CHIP Program in Your Institution and Reviewing Implementation Challenges

How to deploy the CHIP program in your institution

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Intro To CHIPs

An introduction to the Champions of Healthcare Infection Prevention program.

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Antiracism In Practice

Becoming an Antiracist Educator Series: Kickoff session with Dr. Andrew Daire.

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6.3.22 Scholar Forum Recording

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Dr. Aashir Nasim Board of Visitors Meeting March 21, 2022

Zoom Recording ID: 94868656604 UUID: lbKFxnlDSoCTGnhi0c3jDg== Meeting Time: 2022-03-21 11:16:38am

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