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PHTX 400 Review Antibiotics 1

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PHTX 400 Lecture 24 Antibiotics_S2023

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Introduction to Infection Prevention and Control

This course is part of our Foundational Course in Infection Prevention and Control. See below for links to other modules!Course Overview Presented by Barry Rittmann, MD, MPH, Introduction to…

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Microbes and Isolation

Key Organisms, Universal Precautions, and Isolation, Presented by Dan Markley, DO, MPH, VIPTC Infection Prevention & Control Foundational Level

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Observations and Inferences

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BacterialDiversityPart2 - with Practice Questions

firmicutes, tenericutes, actinobacteria

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Infection, pathogenesis, toxins.

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Human-Microbe Symbiosis

Symbiotic relationships of humans and microorganisms

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Overview of proteobacteria

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