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Module 1: Access and Evaluation in Higher Education

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Module 1: Measuring Implicit Bias

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Module 1: Origin of our Biases

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201209 - M1 - 1pm - PPS - Historical Trauma

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WRLD210_Lecture #13_Fanon_Butler

This lecture covers the film "Concerning Violence," which is based on the work of F. Fanon, and the reading by Judith Butler, "Bodies in Alliance." It goes along with the links to…

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Shutting the Golden Door

America turns against Immigration and towards Restrictions 1900-1924

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200918-M2-10am-PPS-Historical Trauma-Levenson Al-Mateen

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Southwest Borderlands 1

Southwest Borderlands 1

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Part 1 - sketchup export for revit

first half of creating a family from a sketchup model.

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Elizabeth Pryor's "The N-Word: History, Race and the College Classroom" Speaker Event

The n-word, a word prevalent in both racist and anti-racist documents, art, literature and politics, is wreaking havoc across U.S. classrooms. With personal, pedagogical and historical perspective -…

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