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240321 - 9AM - TTM3 - Library Resources for Clerkship Assignment, Career Planning & Error Reporting

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Exploring The Psychometrics Of The RBIQ

A 2016 Forbes Day Presentation by Jessica Bourdon on Exploring The Psychometrics Of The Retrospective Behavioral Inhibition Questionnaire from the Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral…

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LAGO Team Meeting - 11/8/2023 - Training Session - Donor Engagement for LAGOS - Jenn Papenfuse, Sr Director of Donor Engagement

Presentation - Donor Engagement for LAGOs…

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Central VA SOCRA Chapter - Research Recordkeeping: Essential Practices

This Central VA SOCRA Chapter meeting was recorded March 15, 2023. Carrie Chiaro, MPH, CCRP, CHRC discussed Research Recordkeeping and Essential Practices. Ms. Chiaro is the Research Compliance…

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03-16-23 VCU Smartsheet Community Meeting

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February 2023 Provost Fiscal Administration's Meeting

Zoom Recording ID: 8048271872 UUID: N0nILHlzQq+H3EnNsh0zig== Meeting Time: 2023-02-08 01:57:59pmGMT

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May 2021 Fiscal Administrators Zoom Meeting

Zoom Recording ID: 92526273844 UUID: rZ6eHp+dTaWO2iuZ8i1GKg== Meeting Time: 2021-05-12T12:30:29Z

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Bench to Community Seminar - Series 1, Session 6: Utilizing VCU Library Resources for Medical Innovation

Session 6 will provide an overview of VCU Libraries resources, services, and faculty available to support ideation and testing of medical innovations.Educational Objectives: Attendees will be able to…

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201001 - 3pm - M1 - POPH - Epidemiologic Surveillance and Epidemic Outbreak Investigation - Pugsley

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