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231109 - M2 - 10am - NRS - Auditory/Vestibular Systems - Coelho

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231109 - M2 - 8am - NRS - Brainstem I: Cranial Nerves + Auditory/Vestibular Systems - McGinn Greer

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The Power of the Positive “No”

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231006 - M1 - 8AM - PHARM - Factors Modifying Drug Action - Damaj

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Prevention of SSIs Update - Dev Anderson

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Setting the Stage to Prevent SSIs

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230731 - M2 - 2pm - M2 Academic and Policy Updates - Biskobing

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Lunch Research Series - TriNetX: A Cohort Discovery Platform For Clinical Research

This Whetting Your Appetite For Research presentation took place June 29, 2023. Evan French and Patrick Shi discussed TriNetX: A Cohort Discovery Platform For Clinical Research. If you would like to…

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Palliative ECHO: Duloxetine (June 2023)

Palliative Care ECHO: Duloxetine: You're getting on my last nerve (but in a good way) | June 28, 2023 Presented by Faten Ragaban, MD Assistant Professor, Palliative Medicine & Hospital…

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Intro Dialysis Machine Audio Enhanced

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Cattura Command Center Meeting

Zoom Recording ID: 81558195567 UUID: xAKfO15gTUGiOKFMoYg8qA== Meeting Time: 2023-06-20 02:54:48pmGMT

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PHTX 400 Lecture 11 Parkinsons and Schizophrenia

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VCU BOV Strategic Task Force meeting

VCU BOV Strategic Task Force meeting February 17th

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Palliative ECHO: Seizures (Oct. 2022)

Palliative Care ECHO: Seizures | October 26, 2022 Presented by M. Zeeshan Munir, MD Palliative Care Fellow, Eastern Virginia Medical School Objectives: Describe seizure disorders as presenting in…

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May 2022 Fiscal Administrators Meeting 05-11-22

Zoom Recording ID: 8048271872 UUID: U2fS7JIPTeyMk4GR9RFO1Q== Meeting Time: 2022-05-11 12:45:21pm

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Yeala Grimes Multimodal Project

Yeala is from Maryland and is a freshman in the Art Foundation Program pursuing a degree in Communication Arts. Her project was created this spring in Courtney Sviatko's UNIV112 class based on…

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