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PHAR 621 Pharmacoeconomics

Zoom Recording ID: 88439733665 UUID: TO+4P7lWRf+cqfFI7AXv1w== Meeting Time: 2024-02-15 02:25:05pmGMT

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CHEM 110 1/22/24

Energy, temperature, heat, and light

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Winn CDA Cohort 2 Scholar Forum Year 2 #3 (1/10/24)

The Robert A. Winn Diversity in Clinical Trials Award ProgramWinn Career Development Award (Winn CDA)Cohort 2Scholar Forum Year 2 #3Date: 1/10/24Topic: Survival Analysis in Clinical TrialsPresented…

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Dreaming with Generative AI: a poetry workshop

Zoom Recording ID: 88318202777 UUID: kzoKLU5NS2W1fTLZq49XCA== Meeting Time: 2023-10-04 07:02:08pmGMT

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Central VA SOCRA Chapter - Navigating The Various Stressors in Clinical Research: Tools to Improve Personal and Site Performance

This Central VA SOCRA Chapter meeting was recorded July 19, 2023. Greg Staios, MSc and CRP is a professor at Seneca College who discussed various methods where audience members can improve in…

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Winn CDA Cohort 1 Scholars Forum 9.8.23

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Create, Grow, Scale: Black & Hispanic Entrepreneurship Convening | In Their Own Voices: Every Day Lived Experiences Of Black, White, And Latino Entrepreneurs In Richmond

Research presentation examining MBEs in the city of Richmond. Speakers:Elsie Harper-Anderson, PhD, Associate Professor, Urban and Regional Planning & Affiliate Faculty, Research Institute for…

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Winn CDA Cohort 2 Scholar Forum #10 (4/12/23)

The Robert A. Winn Diversity in Clinical Trials Award Program Winn Career Development Award (Winn CDA) Cohort 2 Scholar Forum #10 Date: 4/12/23 Topic: Biostatistics IPresented by: Yu…

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Solving Real World Problems TriNetX Panel Discussion

At the 2023 VCU Wright Center Regional Symposium: Leveraging TriNetX for Clinical and Translational Research. The Panel featuring Dr. Richard Sterling, MD, MSc, FACP, AGAF, FAASLD, Dr. Brian Cassel,…

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PHAR 621 Pharmacoeconomics

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Study Strategy: Repeated Exposure

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What is a weighted average and how to calculate one

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220711 - POPH - 2PM

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SWAMVideo - Que Tee's Print Shop

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