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Winn CIPP Cohort 3 Info Webinar Pre-Recording

Informational Webinar for Cohort 3

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Kaltura Capture recording - July 23rd 2023, 11:11:09 pm

My Final project is on Cairo Egypt hope you enjoy the Video!

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Winn CIPP Cohort 2 Virtual Orientation 4.21.23

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Winn CIPP Info webinar 1.19.23

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Winn CIPP Info Webinar - 12.6.22

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Yeala Grimes Multimodal Project

Yeala is from Maryland and is a freshman in the Art Foundation Program pursuing a degree in Communication Arts. Her project was created this spring in Courtney Sviatko's UNIV112 class based on…

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The New Immigrants Part 1

European Immigration 1880-1920

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