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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra keeps a record of all participants that join or leave the session. You can print a report for attendance purposes if needed.

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Accessing Recorded Sessions

How do find the videos that have been recorded in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

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Viewing Recorded Sessions

Students can review recorded sessions after they have been processed.

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You can designate a student or another participant in your Collaborate Ultra Session to provide captions. That person would type in real time what they hear to be displayed for those students who may…

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Breakout Groups

You can setup small group sessions to offer more options for collaboration.

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Sharing Files

You can upload files to your Collaborate Ultra session ahead of time so you are ready for your session before the students arrive

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Share an Application or Whiteboard

You can share the whilteboard for more live interactivity or you can share applications with files you are already created for the session.

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Recording Your Collaborate Ultra Session

You can record your session so students have access to that at any time.

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Using the Chat Function

You can use the chat function to offer students the ability to ask questions or have a dialog with one another

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Notification Settings

Control how you are alterted to things happening in your session with Notification settings.

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Managing Participants

Access the participants through the Collaborate panel. Change roles, remove a student from the session or mute all.

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Collaborate Ultra Screen and Tools

A look at the Collaborate Ultra screen and tools

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Creating a Collaborate Ultra Session

Steps to creating a session in Collaborate Ultra

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Creating a Link to Bb Collaborate Ultra

How to create a link to the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra experience. This can be used for synchronus online collaborative sessions.

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