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Canvas: Building Modules

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Canvas: Quiz setup

A walkthrough of how to build and manage quizzes in Canvas using the 'Classic' and 'New' tools.

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Canvas: Importing from Blackboard

CHP workshop on how to import Blackboard content into Canvas.

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Selecting a Creative Commons File

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Blackboard Collapsible Menus

Sometimes students can't find what you post and it's because their menu and/or table of contents is collapsed. This short video explains what happens and how to fix it. I have found that…

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Manually Enroll Users in Blackboard

You can add users to Blackboard using the Manual Enroll function

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Changing the Course Name

How to change the name of your course in your Blackboard menu, for example adding the term and year to the name

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Hiding Courses from eLearning Menu

Cleaning up your My Courses Menu

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Importing Material into a Course

How to import material exported from another course.

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Export Course Material

How to export material from your Blackboard course.

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Completing a VT assignment

This is a quick video to walk you through the steps to complete a VoiceThread assignment in Blackboard

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Adding a Google Doc

Adding a link to a Google doc to your Blackboard Course

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Create a Test or Quiz using a Test Pool

You can develop your tests or quizzes using a test pool.

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Peer Assessment in Bb

Use Self and Peer Assessment to add more engagement to your course.

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Filtering Your GradeCenter View

Sometimes there are too many columns to sort through in the GradeCenter to find what you are looking for. Use the filter function to view specific items at once to make it easier.

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Copying PowerPoint to a New Course in Bb

You can copy PowerPoint files from one Bb course to another.

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