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Importing Course Content in Canvas

This tutorial video will show you how to import existing Canvas course content into a new course shell. NOTE: As an instructor, you will only see the courses that you are currently or in the past…

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Cross Listing in Canvas

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BIOL 101 - Summer 2021 - Orientation Video

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Canvas - Adding a Rubric to an Assignment

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Canvas Quick Tips: Copying a Canvas Course

How to copy an existing Canvas course into a new course shell.

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How-to Add a Video and a Comment

This video for students demonstrates how-to add a video to the media gallery and add a comment.

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Canvas Quick Tips: Changing the Course Start Date

How to update the star and/or end dates of your course so that it available outside of the standard VCU term.

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Canvas Quick Tips: Restoring Courses to the Dashboard

Are courses that were on your Dashboard yesterday missing today? Do you want to clean up the number of courses that you see? This quick tip videos walks through how to restore and customize the…

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Developing Accessible Content in Canvas

This session highlights tools and strategies for developing course content that meets federal accessibility requirements. Original delivery date: 4/14/2021 Music credits: "CFC's" by…

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Images in Canvas

This video demonstrates how students can ensure images are visible within Canvas.

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Canvas Overview for Students

This video gives an overview for students on how to use Canvas.

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Sharing Zoom Recordings in Canvas

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Canvas: Course Confidence Check

This session was originally run on 1/13/21 and focuses on the 2021 Spring semester.

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Canvas Gradebook

Zoom Recording ID: 93754093600 UUID: +rZog3dJSn+maklYXa4Alw== Meeting Time: 2020-12-10T15:49:34Z

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Canvas: Building Modules

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Canvas: Quiz setup

A walkthrough of how to build and manage quizzes in Canvas using the 'Classic' and 'New' tools.

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