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Dirty Data - Part 2 - Instructions

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Map the Faunal Distributions - Instructions

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BIOL 217 Orientation Video - Summer 2021

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BIOL 201 Orientation Video - Summer 2021

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BIOL 101 - Summer 2021 - Orientation Video

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Canvas Gradebook

Zoom Recording ID: 93754093600 UUID: +rZog3dJSn+maklYXa4Alw== Meeting Time: 2020-12-10T15:49:34Z

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Canvas: Gradebook setup

This video covers part 1 of the CHP workshop on how to setup the gradebook in Canvas. Original delivery date - 11/2/20

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201023 - M2 - 8am - MBB - Neuroimaging - Suddarth

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201008-M2-11am-RENL-Pathology of BPH & Prostate Cancer-Sayeed

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Needs Grading

Find all the assignments you need to grade in one location

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Create a SmartView in Blackboard to make a short cut to frequently viewed Grade Center areas

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Creating Categories

You should organize gradeable items into categories if you plan to use the weighted grade column.

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Mac Horizontal Scroll

Hot to make the horizontal scroll bar available so you can use it to move through your grade center.

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05 Creating a VoiceThread Assignment in Blackboard

You can require students to create a VoiceThread as an assignment in Blackboard. The grade can be calculated into the final Grade in the Bb Grade Center

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Uploading Edited Grade Center into Bb

How to upload a Bb grade center file edited in Excel.

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Mannually Curving a Grade

How to manually cure a Grade in Bb

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