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5/4/22- F2 Community Interface Series- Reynolds (VMAP)

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April 2022 Fiscal Administrators Meeting 04-12-22

Zoom Recording ID: 8048271872 UUID: Z6UV/yQOQBuLEs6Z749mRw== Meeting Time: 2022-04-13 12:34:34pm

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CReSS: Neuroscience and Mindfulness Research

In this Clinical Research Skills Series workshop recorded April 12th, 2022, Kirk Warren-Brown PhD and Hadley Rahrig MS discuss neuroscience and mindfulness research. Dr. Brown is a professor of…

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Viewing All Courses and Adding/Removing Courses From Your Dashboard

This video explains how to find all of your courses in Canvas, whether past or present and how to customize the courses that appear on your dashboard by "favoriting" them.

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Laptop Presentation Conferencing and Capture

How to connect a user's laptop to centrally managed podiums and use them for Presentation, Conferencing, and Capture.

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Laptop Presentation Conferencing and Capture

A guide to presenting, videoconferencing, video capturing and streaming in VCU classrooms using your laptop.

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Assignments & Quizzes - Oct. 19, 2021

Zoom Recording ID: 5686871911 UUID: 8/ygG0uySXKmVh8aM1EzSg== Meeting Time: 2021-10-19 05:59:24pm

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Canvas Overview - Oct. 4, 2021

Zoom Recording ID: 5686871911 UUID: VsWhNdXcQkigiUUcw3ua6Q== Meeting Time: 2021-10-04 07:56:58pm

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Going Mobile with Canvas - Aug. 9, 2021

Zoom Recording ID: 5686871911 UUID: pN93DLRPSr6WeYXgsm6MHA== Meeting Time: 2021-08-09 09:38:10pm

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Canvas Overview - Aug. 6, 2021

Zoom Recording ID: 5686871911 UUID: SRkz4Ho0RVWrCcTbjRxuPg== Meeting Time: 2021-08-06 08:50:18pm

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SOMTech Check-in 6/21/2021

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Folio Demo (Source)

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Maternal Morbidity and Mortality- May 11 , 2021

The Wright Center's third Health Equity series event took place on Tuesday, May 11th, at 10 a.m. The presenters were Dr. Kenesha Smith Barber, Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System…

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HPSP Financial Aid Video

Informational video featuring students answering questions about the Health Professions Scholarship Program. The HPSP is a military scholarship program available to MD students in the School of…

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Central VA SOCRA Chapter: Paradigm Shift from “Training” to Performance Management “Back on the Job”

In this Central VA SOCRA Chapter Meeting, recorded Wednesday, April 21, 2021, Liz Wool, President and Chief Learning Officer, Wool Consulting Group and Erika Stevens, Principal, Recherche…

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Kaltura Video to Canvas

This video shows how-to upload your Kaltura videos in your Canvas courses.

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