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Study Strategy: Repeated Exposure

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Searching for Courses by Textbook Cost

Did you know that you can search for classes based on textbook cost? Students at VCU can search for classes that have low cost ($40 or under) or no cost textbooks. This video walks you through the…

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Glean Use Pt 3

Part 3 of 3 videos detailing the use of the Glean software for note taking.

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Features of Glean: Glean Use Pt . 1 (Setting Up, Importing Slides, and Recording)

Part 1 of 3 videos showcasing the use of Glean for note taking.

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What is Glean?

In this video, we will talk about Glean, an app which gives you a single platform for lecture notes, audio recordings, transcription, and your own notes. We'll talk about each of these elements,…

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Extra Credit in Canvas

This video briefly explains the various ways to assign extra credit in Canvas using an Assignment, Fudge Points, and in Speedgrader. For any immediate Canvas questions, contact [email protected]

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Student Grades, Assignment Weights, Final Grading Quick Tips

Canvas Quick Tips

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Using LTIs Within Assignments

Canvas Quick Tips

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Using the Rich Content Editor (From Quick Tips Recording)

Canvas Quick Tips

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Course Versus Term

Canvas Quick Tips

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Published Versus Unpublished Courses

Canvas Quick Tips

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VCU Canvas Relationship (Clip from Quick Tips)

Canvas Quick Tips

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Fostering Metacognition: Strategies for Nursing Faculty

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Why Avasthi chooses open: access, engagement, and student success

Manika Avasthi, Professional Development Instructor, VCU College of Engineering (Formerly of VCU School of Business), shares how her experience customizing an OER for BUSN201 has influenced her…

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Why Murphy-Judy chooses open: learning for, with, and from students

Kathryn Murphy-Judy, Professor of French at the VCU School of World Studies, shares how creating an OER for French 202 has impacted her teaching. Read more on the Library Stories blog. This…

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Canvas Quick Tips - 1/31/22

Zoom Recording ID: 5686871911 UUID: kv9MCtTMTk2hKItKQJmwLA== Meeting Time: 2022-01-31 03:58:57pm

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