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Winn CDA Cohort 4 Review Committee Orientation

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2.17.23 Winn CDA Scholar Forum

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Gradebook Basics - 12/19/22

Zoom Recording ID: 2324828315 UUID: ezNWz5FURhaQmUup/qGu2Q== Meeting Time: 2022-12-19 04:57:57pmGMT

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Creating an Incomplete Section in Canvas

This video describes how you as an instructor can configure an "Incomplete" section in your course for students who have received an Incomplete. For assistance configuring an Incomplete…

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Gradebook Basics - 10/19/22

Zoom Recording ID: 2324828315 UUID: jX4M/UKnSRaSJHL23ZjafA== Meeting Time: 2022-10-19 01:58:58pm

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Cross-Listing, Groups, and Course Copy - 8/15/22

Zoom Recording ID: 2324828315 UUID: e8cjydnuTWSIKjZ4YF/NvQ== Meeting Time: 2022-08-15 02:00:02pm

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Quick Gradebook Overview

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Gradebook History and Individual Gradebook View

This video outlines the various functions of Gradebook History and Individual Gradebook View.

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Gradebook Basics - 3/14/22

Zoom Recording ID: 5686871911 UUID: E+UT9zBCQIGez/WbpftCeA== Meeting Time: 2022-03-14 02:00:44pm

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Cross Listing in Canvas

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Cross-Listing in Canvas (Merging)

This video describes how to cross-list in Canvas.

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K Award Series (Seminar 3): All about you and your team: tips and tricks for your K’s candidate/career plan and mentor team

Participants will be offered tips and tricks on how to construct the candidate section [background, career goals/objectives, career development/training, and mentoring plan/team] for a K award while…

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Add a new page/section to your site

'Page' and 'section' are synonymous terms in T4. This video shows you how to add a new page to your site and also how to reorder pages.

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How to hide or display a page/section in your main navigation

Sometimes you have pages (aka 'sections') in your website that you don't want to be navigable from the main navigation bar. Here's how to hide them, or conversely, display them if…

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Canvas Enrollments, Sections, and Cross-listing

Zoom Recording ID: 98100998789 UUID: YKflhVgrSuKFejARvO00sw== Meeting Time: 2020-10-16T15:56:32Z

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