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CHEM 110 3/15/24

Excited states and absorption/emission processes in atoms and molecules

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Building a Successful Research Proposal – Research Strategy with Dr. Henry Donahue

This grant-writing session was recorded February 15, 2024. Dr. Henry Donahue, Professor and Chair, VCU Biomedical Engineering discusses the components of a competitive and successful research grant…

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Create, Grow, Scale: Black & Hispanic Entrepreneurship Convening | Strengthening the Links Between Business Ownership and Minority Wealth Building

Brief presentation of new research by Capital One Insights Center and Boston Consulting Group on wealth creation and entrepreneurship for Black and Hispanic businesses in the Richmond area.…

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A Dozen Lessons I've Learned About Forgiveness Around the World

Everett Worthington, Commonwealth Professor Emeritus, shares lessons from his career as a researcher and his research on forgiveness. More information about his forgiveness research, including DIY…

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Make it Stick! Networking, and branding yourself, your research, and your message

Summary Participants will hear strategies on how to build an elevator pitch, how to disseminate and brand your message while selling your research to a varied audience (both academic and…

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210217-M1-10am-MOVE-Crystal-Infectious Arthritis-Wise

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201002-M2-10am-RENL-Clinical Acid-Base Disorders-DiGiovanni

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200930-M2-11am-RENL-Physiology of Acid Base Disorders-Costanzo

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200917 - M1 - 8am - PHYS - Chemical Signaling 3 - Karnam

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Nephrology Board Review

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