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Introducing Lindsay Tierney, Student Success Coach

This is a video introducing Lindsay Tierney and how she works with VCU School of Nursing Students to better increase their chances for optimal academic success.

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Plate Tectonics Animation by HHMI BioInteractive

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210430 - M1 - 8am - REPR - Embryology: Limb Development - Harrell

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201109-M2-11am-MBB-Tone Disorders and Cerebral Palsy-Harper

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201027 - M2 - 10am - MBB - Auditory and Vestibular System Wet Lab - Meredith

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201026 - M2 - 9am - MBB - Vestibular System - McGinn Greer

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Using the Show and Tell Feature on Amazon Echo Show Device

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Tools and Tips for Getting Into and Out of Bed

Adaptive Equipment Corner. (2015a). How to Get Out of Bed Easier Using a Leg Lifter. YouTube. Retrieved from Equipment Corner. (2015b). The Best…

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Mindfulness Exercises

Exercises only

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