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Using the Rich Content Editor (From Quick Tips Recording)

Canvas Quick Tips

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Introducing Lindsay Tierney, Student Success Coach

This is a video introducing Lindsay Tierney and how she works with VCU School of Nursing Students to better increase their chances for optimal academic success.

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Engaging research presentations, not death by PowerPoint: A how-to w/ Dr. Stacey Wahl

Summary Participants will hear strategies/ evidence-based practices on creating and delivering an effective scientific research presentation to an academic audience that is clear, visually appealing,…

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WITW: Projection Mapping with VDMX

Zoom Recording ID: 98042234567 UUID: 9xepeTPjSemU2Fc6e6ymrg== Meeting Time: 2021-11-17 08:20:10pm

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Cross Listing in Canvas

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Requesting Emergency Assistance Using SayCare on the Amazon Echo Show

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Palliative ECHO: Safety in Opioid Use in Serious Illness (Apr. 2019)

Palliative ECHO: Safety in Opioid Use in Serious Illness | April 25, 2019 Presented byEgidio Del Fabbro, MD Palliative Care Endowed Chair, VCU Massey Cancer Center ObjectivesReview risk assessment…

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Canvas Mobile App (Oscar Keyes)

Zoom Recording ID: 5686871911 UUID: t3lyh7PcRGOkBg/xYcGqXA== Meeting Time: 2021-05-20T14:54:16Z

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April 2021 Fiscal Administrators Meeting

April 2021 Fiscal Administrators meeting

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Celebrate Your Aha - 3.4.2021

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Add a new page/section to your site

'Page' and 'section' are synonymous terms in T4. This video shows you how to add a new page to your site and also how to reorder pages.

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210105 - M1 - 1pm - PCM - Lecture: Geriatrics - Hobgood

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Embed a video in a T4 plugin

This is a method for embedding a video in your T4 webpages when the responsive embed plugin cannot be used (e.g., in a news article, faculty page, etc.). Companion written directions are available…

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How to Use Your Alexa Device for Medication Reminders

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200813-M1-11am-MBHD-Case 1 WrapUp-DiGiovanni, Lipato, Pallante

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Collaborate Ultra Screen and Tools

A look at the Collaborate Ultra screen and tools

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