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STEM Building Animated Virtual Tour

Watch the animated virtual tour of the new STEM Building narrated by Sally Hunnicutt, Ph.D., associate dean of natural sciences and mathematics, VCU College of Humanities and Sciences.

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Design 101 for STEM Research

March 23, 2022, Wednesday, 3:30pmDesign 101 for STEM ResearchOscar Keyes + Stacey Wahl, VCU Libraries Description: TIFF, JPG, and EPS files, oh my! Communicating scientific and mathematical ideas in…

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210111-M1-10am-MARR-Bone Marrow Failure-Simmons

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201204 - M1 - 8am - FOD - Cell Injury/Cell Death/Adaptation - Clevenger

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201030 - M2 - 9am - MBB - Overview of Brainstem Organization & Function - McGinn Greer

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Central VA SOCRA Chapter: Overview of Stem Cell Transplantation and CAR-T Therapies

This Central VA SOCRA Chapter Meeting, recorded September 16, 2020. Kathy Candler, Clinical Research Coordinator II, provided an overview of stem cell transplants and CAR-T therapies involving…

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201020 - M2 - 9am - MBB - Basic Functionality of the Nervous System - McGinn Greer

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Introduction to the immune system, hematopoietic stem cell differentiation, cells of the innate immunte system.

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