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Prevention of SSIs Update - Dev Anderson

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What's in a Definition?

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Setting the Stage to Prevent SSIs

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C. difficile, See the Difference

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KC Coffey--Identification of Infectious Diseases and the Role of the Microbiology Lab

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VIPTC Webinar - NHSN Reporting For Long-Term Care Facilities

NHSN Reporting for Long-Term Care Facilities, 2022-2023 VIPTC Webinar Series

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FOUN-HAI Reporting Requirements (Cheung)

VIPTC requested the following objectives for this lecture: ● Describe the basics about CMS reportable healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) including CLABSI, CAUTI, CDI, lab ID MRSA, VAE,…

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210910 - M2 - 8am - POPH - Public Health 1 - Doll

Draft Entry for Cattura Upload

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201001 - 3pm - M1 - POPH - Epidemiologic Surveillance and Epidemic Outbreak Investigation - Pugsley

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