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Board of Visitors Audit, FREAC, and AHAC Committee

Audit Committee: 0:00 Facilities, Real Estate, and Administration Committee (FREAC): 55:47 Academic Health Affairs Committee (AHAC): 1:50:47

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ACTAL 2023 - The Vital Role of Sustainability in Makerspaces

Zoom Recording ID: 84081381043 UUID: 1RwSRGRESeCVpt1kbLrAmg== Meeting Time: 2023-11-01 05:29:31pmGMT

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Environmental Impacts of the Fashion Industry

On Dec 9, 2020, VCU Departments of Biology and Fashion Design + Merchandising co-hosted a webinar with environmental toxicologist Linda Greer, Ph.D. Greer has been featured in Vanity Fair magazine…

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