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240515 - 8AM - M1 - REP - Reproductive Infectious Disease - Webb

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Mpox Update (July 2022)

Course Overview The Virginia Infection Prevention Training Center’s course on Mpox (formerly known as Monkeypox) covers the 2022 Mpox outbreak. Topics include characteristics of the virus…

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Legionella Prevention & Control (July 2023)

Webinar Overview The Virginia Infection Prevention Training Center’s course on Legionella Prevention and Control focuses on infection prevention best practices for Legionella prevention and…

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Infection Prevention and Control Strategies for Home Health and Hospice Settings Module 5: Occupational Health

This module contains information on occupational health in home health and hospice settings. Objectives: - Recognize infection health hazards for healthcare workers (include needle-stick …

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Governance Committee Meeting

Zoom Recording ID: 94868656604 UUID: Y2fAggXISaeLhC6cymjmOw== Meeting Time: 2022-04-22 04:53:23pm

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Psychiatric Genetic Counseling - Part 1 | 2018-04-26

Course: HGEN 620: Principles of Human Behavioral Genetics Theory of genetic and non-genetic transmission considered in relation to the design, analysis, and interpretation of studies to identify…

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NCLEX-Style Questions: Tips and Tricks

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201211 - M1 - 8am - FOD - Lab Values and Practice of Pathology - Sanford

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200904-M1-8am-MBHD-Molecular Genetics 2: Clinical Problem Solving-Al Saif and Pallante

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Poetry 201 - Chapter 7

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Kaltura Demo recording in Sanger 2020

We tried out the recording features of Kaltura in a classroom with two cameras, wireless mics, and a presentation on the PC.

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ALT Fest 2015

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