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Staying Safe in the Splash Zone

The splash zone is a dangerous space for microbial growth and contamination. Learn more about how water and pipes act as reservoirs for microbes, the risk of Pseudomonas aeruginosa outbreaks, and…

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CHG Treatment: Step-by-Step Instructions for Patients

Once you've learned the importance of CHG treatment, now you can see how it's used in practice on patients. View this video to learn more. Want to share this videos with others? Please…

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CHG Treatment: Step-by-Step Instructions for the Clinical Team

Learn how to reduce the spread of healthcare-associated infections using CHG wipes! This step-by-step video shows best practices and what's important to know about CHG treatment. Want to share…

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210114-M1-1030am-MARR-Classification and Pathophysiology of Lymphomas-Chesney

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