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Nursing oral history - Britton, Bertha Henderson

St. Philip School of Nursing alumni oral histories, accession number 2022.11.008 Oral histories were collected in the 1980s. Carolease Ballou Wallace, a St Philip graduate, worked with SCA to capture…

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Library Module Walkthrough UNIV 200

Overview from enrolling through module completion.

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ACTAL 2023 - Donning the Librarian’s Hat: Working in the Library When You Don’t Have a Library Background

Zoom Recording ID: 85109189003 UUID: zajPPPa8T5uTySBmwB+IwQ== Meeting Time: 2023-11-02 06:39:28pmGMT

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ACTAL 2023 - Graduate Assistants in Creative Technology Spaces

Zoom Recording ID: 84917173780 UUID: /ZQpbxSSRo+glDCN9DOXvQ== Meeting Time: 2023-11-02 05:30:33pmGMT

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Why the simple tricks to get around paywalls sometimes fail and what to do about it

Julie Arendt takes you behind the curtain of the tools and apps to get around paywalls to learn what kinds of failure are most common and what to do about it when the simple tricks don't work.…

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There's a simple button to get through paywalls.

The Tools and Apps page from VCU Libraries links to tools that make it easier to go from a paywall to an article, without having to go to the Library’s website to authenticate your affiliation…

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Does the library have my textbook?

Julie Arendt explains why VCU Libraries generally doesn't have course textbooks and describes exceptions, such as course reserves, library materials as course materials, and open educational…

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VCU Libraries Search Introduction

The best place to begin looking for information for your research paper or project is on the VCU Libraries’ website Learn how to perform a search using the VCU Libraries search…

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MCV Aerial film

This silent, color film was taken circa 1958 by David M. Hume, MD.

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Zotero Basics - Roy Brown - February 3, 2023

Zotero is a tool that helps users manage their citation collections. In this workshop, participants will learn how to create a Zotero account, import citations and PDFs from various platforms,…

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Come see a series of short presentations, similar to lightning talks, on a whole range of creative technology topics! Participants will be presenting in-person on Zoom or through videos, which will…

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[ACTAL22] The Sound Design Efflorescence: beyond an Ocularcentric Academy

Nov 9, Wed, 2:30pm - 3:30pm The Sound Design Efflorescence: beyond an Ocularcentric AcademyLeader: Lowell LybargerDescription: Stephen Spielberg once said, “The sound and music are 50% of the…

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[ACTAL22] Technology Equipment Loan Programs in Academic Libraries: Procedures, Usage, Needs, and Assessment

Nov 9, Wed, 2:30pm - 3:30pm Technology Equipment Loan Programs in Academic Libraries: Procedures, Usage, Needs, and AssessmentLeaders: Kelsey Sheaffer, Nick BaldwinDescription: This roundtable will…

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Bench to Community Seminar - Series 1, Session 6: Utilizing VCU Library Resources for Medical Innovation

Session 6 will provide an overview of VCU Libraries resources, services, and faculty available to support ideation and testing of medical innovations.Educational Objectives: Attendees will be able to…

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VSCRC oral history - Edwards, Lucious

From the Virginia Student Civil Rights Committee Oral History collection, Transcript information: If you need assistance with access…

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