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Central VA SOCRA Chapter: Improving the Clinical Trial Experience by Treating Participants as People

This Central VA SOCRA Chapter meeting was recorded December 6, 2023 with Sarah McKeown-Cannon, Vice-President, Growth, Langland, A Publicus Health Company as speaker. Recruiting and retaining…

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Respecting Persons – From Basic Requirements to Embracing Participant- Centered Informed Consent

This presentation reviewed ethical principles, discussed regulatory requirements for informed consent, and offered strategies to develop high-quality, participant-centered informed consent documents…

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CReSS Workshop: AEs & SAEs: Roadmap to Success

This Clinical Research Skills Series workshop recorded September 12, 2022, Shirley Helm MS, CCRP, Senior Administrator, Wright Center, Virginia Commonwealth University and Katie Rea RN, MSCR, CCRC,…

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SPSS introduction

For those of you who took 706 with me, this might not be necessary. This is a brief overview of some of the basics of SPSS, like inputting a variable.

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Central VA SOCRA Chapter: A Review of Research Design For Clinical Studies and Trials

This Central VA SOCRA Chapter Meeting was recorded October 20, 2021. Roy Sabo, PhD,, Associate Professor of Biostatistics, Director of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design Core at VCU.…

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Central VA SOCRA Chapter: Decentralized Clinical Trials: The Pros and Cons

This Central VA SOCRA Chapter Meeting was recorded September 15, 2021. Andrew Cohen, MPH, Director of Global Healthcare Partnerships at Science 37. Mr. Cohen discussed Decentralized Clinical Trials…

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CReSS Workshop: Research Participant Recruitment

This Clinical Research Skills Series workshop recorded February 17, 2021. Katelyn Schifano, MS, CCRP, VCU Massey Cancer Center, discussed and explained research participant recruitment. The…

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Central VA SOCRA Chapter: Hot Topics from the 2020 SOCRA Conference – Part I

In this Central VA SOCRA Chapter Meeting, recorded October 21, 2020, Alanda Perry Jones, CCRP, Juliette Highland, Antoinette Wade, and Art Carpenter, CCRP present different topics from the SOCRA…

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