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240321 - 9AM - TTM3 - Library Resources for Clerkship Assignment, Career Planning & Error Reporting

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Reporting Requirements for Healthcare-Associated Infections

Course Overview This course provides an overview of reporting requirements for healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). After taking this course, learners will be able to describe six most…

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Provost Fiscal Administration's March 2024 Meeting

Zoom Recording ID: 8048271872 UUID: Cy5dRvHgQf6vrXEEgvwMLA== Meeting Time: 2024-03-13 12:56:43pmGMT

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VCU Distinguished Scholarship Award 2017: Michael Neale

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PHAR 621 Pharmacoeconomics

Zoom Recording ID: 88439733665 UUID: lQU2gcktSQybU5XZ6Jphag== Meeting Time: 2024-02-01 02:46:45pmGMT

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Winn CDA Cohort 2 Scholar Forum Year 2 #3 (1/10/24)

The Robert A. Winn Diversity in Clinical Trials Award ProgramWinn Career Development Award (Winn CDA)Cohort 2Scholar Forum Year 2 #3Date: 1/10/24Topic: Survival Analysis in Clinical TrialsPresented…

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230828 - M2 - 1pm - POPH - Research Ethics - Cassel

Draft Entry for Cattura Upload

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4.14.23 Winn CDA Webinar

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TriNetX Platform Training Part 2

At the 2023 VCU Wright Center Regional Symposium: Leveraging TriNetX for Clinical and Translational Research, Sierra Luciano, Clinical Study Feasibility & Analytics Manager, TriNetX, discussed…

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PHAR 621 Pharmacoeconomics

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Features of Glean: Navigating the Home Page

In this video, we will expand on our information about Glean by showing you how to navigate its home page, locate and create notes, and improve the organization of your notes.

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What is Glean?

In this video, we will talk about Glean, an app which gives you a single platform for lecture notes, audio recordings, transcription, and your own notes. We'll talk about each of these elements,…

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CReSS Workshop: AEs & SAEs: Roadmap to Success

This Clinical Research Skills Series workshop recorded September 12, 2022, Shirley Helm MS, CCRP, Senior Administrator, Wright Center, Virginia Commonwealth University and Katie Rea RN, MSCR, CCRC,…

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12.17.21 Winn CDA Scholars Forum Pt. 1

12.17.21 Winn CDA Scholars Forum

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Central VA SOCRA Chapter Meeting: The Clinical Significance of Assessing Abnormalities: to AE, SAE, or Neither

This Central VA SOCRA Chapter Meeting was recorded March 9, 2022. Jeannie Farnsworth, MS, BS, CCRP, MRQA discussed the clinical significance of serious adverse events (SAE) and adverse events (AE)…

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FSC PSA : SWaM Video - Autumn's Custom Catering

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