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Circle of Communication

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Modifiable vs. Non-modifiable Risk Factors

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A Command Performance

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Higher Cost Is Not Higher Quality

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A Valid Point

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The Language of Public Reporting

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Staffing and Reporting: A Dynamic Duo

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Opportunities, Opportunities, Opportunities

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Hand Hygiene: Do It, Monitor It

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Hand Hygiene - A Series of Unfortunate Obstacles

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Board of Visitors Administration Committee Pt. 2

Board of Visitors Administration Committee Pt. 2 March 24th, 2023

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[ITCC] Topical Tapas - Career Conversations: Performance, Goals, and Development

From VCU Human Resources, Penny McFarline and Blair Trimiew, provide insights and help us discuss career development, SMART goals, and performance evaluations. These are timely topics as we start the…

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Governance Committee Meeting

Zoom Recording ID: 94868656604 UUID: Y2fAggXISaeLhC6cymjmOw== Meeting Time: 2022-04-22 04:53:23pm

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Homework, Organization, and Planning Skills (HOPS) Intervention for ADHD

Cathrin Danielle Green, M.S. discusses the HOPS intervention and present research findings from the randomized controlled trial including more than 250 middle school students assigned to receive two…

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2021 SOM Performance Management

A tutorial explaining the annual performance timeline and cycle, how to evaluate performance in 2021, aid for both employees, managers and reviewers and the 2022 performance goal setting and career…

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Central VA SOCRA Chapter: Paradigm Shift from “Training” to Performance Management “Back on the Job”

In this Central VA SOCRA Chapter Meeting, recorded Wednesday, April 21, 2021, Liz Wool, President and Chief Learning Officer, Wool Consulting Group and Erika Stevens, Principal, Recherche…

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