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ASP in Intensive Care Settings

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But First, Standard Precautions

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Global Overview: SSI, C. Diff, and Pneumonia

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Basic Long Term Care for the New Infection Preventionist (Pt. 1) -- Burdsall

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Creating an Incomplete Section in Canvas

This video describes how you as an instructor can configure an "Incomplete" section in your course for students who have received an Incomplete. For assistance configuring an Incomplete…

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Student Orientation To Canvas

This video provides an overview of Canvas from the student perspective. Recorded in August 2022.

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Quick Gradebook Overview

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Student Grades, Assignment Weights, Final Grading Quick Tips

Canvas Quick Tips

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Course Versus Term

Canvas Quick Tips

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Music Production Basics with Ableton

April 13, 2022, Wednesday, 3:30 p.m. (Eli)zabeth Owens, Grimalkin RecordsAre you ready to produce your next album? Or maybe you’re just looking to make your first quality recording? This…

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Canvas Gradebook - 12/15/21

Zoom Recording ID: 5686871911 UUID: MTfgtgsHSWG51dmNUqE68w== Meeting Time: 2021-12-15 06:58:35pm

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Shared Governance Ignite 709

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Importing Course Content in Canvas

This tutorial video will show you how to import existing Canvas course content into a new course shell. NOTE: As an instructor, you will only see the courses that you are currently or in the past…

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Cross Listing in Canvas

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BIOL 101 - Summer 2021 - Orientation Video

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