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Videos, Podcasts, Infographics, oh my! – Getting Started with Creative Digital Projects

Zoom Recording ID: 88902554232 UUID: RW5NY12lTrqeMFpZ51THdQ== Meeting Time: 2022-10-25 07:15:12pm

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Quick Gradebook Overview

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Visual Communications in the Sciences

Wednesdays in the Workshop Oct. 14, 2020 Visual Communications in the Sciences Eric Johnson, The Workshop Description: Because a picture is worth a thousand words, the ability to represent ideas…

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Exploring Adobe Spark

Wednesdays in the Workshop Sept. 30, 2020 Exploring Adobe Spark Kirsten Nagel, Senior Customer Success Manager, Strategic Accounts Description: Join us for a special session on Adobe Spark, the…

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Writing a Visual Analysis

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Revit Class - April 20 - Sketchup Portion

Zoom Recording ID: 649054749 UUID: XDPoqPq6Thywo0tI843tUQ== Meeting Time: 2020-04-20T12:58:12Z

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