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Provost Fiscal Administration's August 2023 Meeting

Zoom Recording ID: 8048271872 UUID: OETd53JgRu6d9qDqXiN3WQ== Meeting Time: 2023-08-09 12:58:35pmGMT

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Winn CDA Canvas FAQs & How-To Slide Deck

Winn CDA Canvas FAQs & How-To Slide Deck A short, optional FAQ and How-To session on all things Canvas. Walkthrough on accessing all of the files, videos, surveys, announcements and…

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Gradebook Basics - 10/19/22

Zoom Recording ID: 2324828315 UUID: jX4M/UKnSRaSJHL23ZjafA== Meeting Time: 2022-10-19 01:58:58pm

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Student Orientation To Canvas

This video provides an overview of Canvas from the student perspective. Recorded in August 2022.

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Canvas Mobile App (Oscar Keyes)

Zoom Recording ID: 5686871911 UUID: t3lyh7PcRGOkBg/xYcGqXA== Meeting Time: 2021-05-20T14:54:16Z

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(12/16/20) Blackboard to Canvas Transition

Zoom Recording ID: 96890108620 UUID: MDu+XiyRRrqDSXDrfInibw== Meeting Time: 2020-12-16T17:41:22Z

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Canvas Intro an Q&A

Zoom Recording ID: 95508086693 UUID: XFUp7JdOTy2fWg7ZFWs3lA== Meeting Time: 2020-08-26T16:56:58Z

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Welcome to Canvas - Faculty Training

Zoom Recording ID: 95583173926 UUID: +STfPXdBRpCtALPfkG0Ilg== Meeting Time: 2020-08-19T13:55:59Z

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Notification Settings

Control how you are alterted to things happening in your session with Notification settings.

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