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ACTAL Virtual Conference 2023 - Welcome + PROJECTions

Zoom Recording ID: 89058875802 UUID: vjk9aU9FSgSSbAf3C5fOFA== Meeting Time: 2023-11-01 04:36:21pmGMT

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B46 Solo Capture Test

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PHTX 400 Exam 3 Review Pain Control_Opioids and Anti inflam

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Bench to Community Seminar - Series 2, Session 5: Using Consulting Agencies During Development

Translating an innovation from the research stage into early-stage development for commercialization can be facilitated by using targeted consultant agencies for their area-specific expertise.…

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Importing Course Content in Canvas

This tutorial video will show you how to import existing Canvas course content into a new course shell. NOTE: As an instructor, you will only see the courses that you are currently or in the past…

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Cross Listing in Canvas

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210108-M1-10am-MARR-Platelet Disorders-Barrett

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210108-M1-8am-MARR-Small Group Session 1: Hemolytic Disorders-Barrett

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210106 - M1 - 8am - MARR - Case Discussions: Approaching the Patient with Anemia (Part 2) - Barrett

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210104 - M1 - 930am - MARR - B12/Folate Metabolism - Do

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