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Generative AI Glitch Art: Looking for meaning in all the wrong places

Curious about the controversies surrounding AI-generated art? This workshop explores the problems, possibilities, and powers of image generation from text, especially for the purposes of…

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VCU Libraries Intro for AFO

Zoom Recording ID: 86389026319 UUID: k/LpVU5kT0KbScyEhep2QA== Meeting Time: 2022-09-16 12:58:55pm

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Yeala Grimes Multimodal Project

Yeala is from Maryland and is a freshman in the Art Foundation Program pursuing a degree in Communication Arts. Her project was created this spring in Courtney Sviatko's UNIV112 class based on…

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Composing with Code

March 2, 2022, Wednesday, 3:30pmComposing with CodeKate Sicchio, Kinetic Imaging + Dance Departments Do you love live music and are curious about coding? Well, then this workshop is for you! This…

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My Bookable Calendar w/ Emily

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Bench to Community Seminar - Series 1, Session 3: Invention Disclosures, Patent Process, and Licensing

This 3rd course in our series, attendees will understand the importance of securing intellectual property (IP) rights to support the translation of medical devices to the market. Session topics will…

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Eats and Sights

Video for RVA page on the SOM website

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(Why) Is Art History Important?

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VCUarts - Meet Your Librarian!

VCUarts students, meet your librarian, and learn about relevant library resources.

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Aaron Douglas

During the 1920’s and 30’s, New York City found itself divided between white and black. Although Aaron Douglas was not familiar with racial division from his native home in Topeka,…

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