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Data (Part 1 of 3 in the Research Communications series)

Zoom Recording ID: 84379346308 UUID: y4CjpWeUQuKo2LuavdTNpA== Meeting Time: 2022-10-03 03:51:42pm

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211105 - M2 - 1pm - NRS - Weekly MBB Review - McGinn Greer

the <7 minute runtime for this review is correct, this recording was recently edited from a longer runtime down to the relevant content for review.

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210914 - M2 - 8am - PULM - Chest Radiology - De wit

Please note: This recording's audio comes in at 1:00:57 (9am). There is no audio before that. This lecture from 2020 has also been posted. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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photoshop_03_basic layers and fill

creating basic layers and fills

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Part 1 - sketchup export for revit

first half of creating a family from a sketchup model.

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Revit - April 20

Zoom Recording ID: 649054749 UUID: XDPoqPq6Thywo0tI843tUQ== Meeting Time: 2020-04-20T12:58:12Z

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