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Installing and Using Third Party Tools

Learning Systems 3rd Party Tool Request (includes tool list as show in the video):

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Canvas Showcase 2021

Zoom Recording ID: 91686502599 UUID: 2p0qBCPERMmRRYhKd9mbCQ== Meeting Time: 2021-03-19T12:29:21Z

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Completing a VT assignment

This is a quick video to walk you through the steps to complete a VoiceThread assignment in Blackboard

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Adding Editing Capabilities

You can give users the ability to edit a VT.

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Copying A VoiceThread

You can copy a VoiceThread to be used over or in other classes.

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08 Using the Doodle Pencils

VoiceThread offers onscreen annotation

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07 Student View of VoiceThread

You cannot see the student view as an instructor. This video will show you what your students see when you use VoiceThread in your course.

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05 Creating a VoiceThread Assignment in Blackboard

You can require students to create a VoiceThread as an assignment in Blackboard. The grade can be calculated into the final Grade in the Bb Grade Center

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04 Adding VoiceThread as a Content Area in Blackboard

Adding a collaborative option in your Blackboard course using VoiceThread. This is not an assignment.

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06 A Classroom Example Using VoiceThread

This is an example of VT being used for a classroom critique.

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03 Sharing a VoiceThread

Sharing a VoiceThread as a standalone option with a link.

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02 Making a comment in VoiceThread

Commenting is the main functionality in VT, use the comment function to add commentary to your media.

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01 Creating a VoiceThread

Entering VoiceThread for the first time and adding content to a thread

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