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Top 5 Tips for a Successful Start at VCU SON (BSN)

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Start to your BSN at VCU SON

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Infection Prevention and Control Strategies for Home Health and Hospice Settings Module 2: Best Practices & Infection Control

This module contains best practice in infection prevention and control in home health and hospice settings. Objectives: - Identify limitations of infection prevention best practices in the home…

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Using Active Recall Strategies for Better Studying!

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Breathing Exercise - Pursed Lip Breathing

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Breathing Exercise - Belly Breathing

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Tools and Tips for Getting Into and Out of Bed

Adaptive Equipment Corner. (2015a). How to Get Out of Bed Easier Using a Leg Lifter. YouTube. Retrieved from Equipment Corner. (2015b). The Best…

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Mindfulness Exercises

Exercises only

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Mindfulness Guide: Education & Exercises

Education & Exercises

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