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GME 5/23/24

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TTM4 Admissions Opportunities

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Effective Teamwork in Infection Prevention

Course Description The Virginia Infection Prevention Training Center's course on Effective Teamwork in Infection Prevention provides an overview of teamwork strategies that will aid your…

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Winn CDA C4 Application Assistance Webinar #2- 3/8/24

Winn CDA C4 Application Assistance Webinar #2- 3/8/24

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ACTAL 2023 - Graduate Assistants in Creative Technology Spaces

Zoom Recording ID: 84917173780 UUID: /ZQpbxSSRo+glDCN9DOXvQ== Meeting Time: 2023-11-02 05:30:33pmGMT

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Winn CIPP Welcome Message from Dr. Robert A. Winn

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VIPTC-Introduction To The CHIP Program

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September 2022 Fiscal Administrators Meeting 09-14-22

Zoom Recording ID: 8048271872 UUID: 6AsFqOrUQMW/sT3Ef9NyWQ== Meeting Time: 2022-09-14 12:44:06pm

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January 2022 Fiscal Administrators Zoom Meeting 01-12-22

Zoom Recording ID: 92526273844 UUID: DBzwFsqoTZ63YVXL8gPOWQ== Meeting Time: 2022-01-12 01:28:58pm

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Introducing Lindsay Tierney, Student Success Coach

This is a video introducing Lindsay Tierney and how she works with VCU School of Nursing Students to better increase their chances for optimal academic success.

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Shared Governance Ignite 709

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Project Management Key Roles and relationships

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Voices for Change - Reversing Systemic Racism in Healthcare Delivery: The Patient Experience

Presented by the College of Health Professions Original session date: 3/17/21

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Adding TAs and User Roles to Your Canvas Course

The video demonstrates how to add various roles, such as TA, Teacher, Student etc. to your Canvas courses.

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Module 1: Structural Racism

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