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Cross Listing in Canvas

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How-to Add a Video and a Comment

This video for students demonstrates how-to add a video to the media gallery and add a comment.

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How to hide or display a page/section in your main navigation

Sometimes you have pages (aka 'sections') in your website that you don't want to be navigable from the main navigation bar. Here's how to hide them, or conversely, display them if…

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Canvas Gradebook

Zoom Recording ID: 93754093600 UUID: +rZog3dJSn+maklYXa4Alw== Meeting Time: 2020-12-10T15:49:34Z

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Blackboard Collapsible Menus

Sometimes students can't find what you post and it's because their menu and/or table of contents is collapsed. This short video explains what happens and how to fix it. I have found that…

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Hiding Courses from eLearning Menu

Cleaning up your My Courses Menu

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Creating a Contact in the Menu

You can add your contact information to a button in the menu to make it easier for your students to reach you.

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Adding and Deleting Menu Items

Create a Bb menu that is tailored for your course by adding, moving or deleting items.

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Collaborate Ultra Screen and Tools

A look at the Collaborate Ultra screen and tools

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Moving Menu Items

Organizing the elements on the Course Menu

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